Xfinity Wifi App

Xfinity Wifi
Xfinity Wifi App may be a network of hotspots that enables you to attach to the network at the quickest local area network speeds around the city. ll whereas saving on your wireless information set up. The correct hotspots, within the right locations.
The XFINITY local area network app provides:- Connect automatically with XFINITY network around city, as well as secure hotspots
– Simply find near XFINITY local area network hotspots
– Notice hotspots with map & list views, and directions on the way to get there
– Produce and save an inventory of your favorite hotspots for simple reference
– Rate and hook up with your secure saved networks, reception and at work (Android only)

You can download the Xfinity Wifi app directly from the Google Playstore by following the Link. If you are the Apple user, you can download it from the app store by following the Link.

Home Xfinity Wifi

I’ve used the Xfinity WiFi hotspot, with my laptop, iPad, iPhone, Chromecast and iPad mini. This just about every day for a month now and have had no issues at all. And, that’s mainly because of the fact that the router, from Linksys, makes the entire Wi-Fi operation incredibly easy to set up and operates just like any other hotspot network.

Xfinity vs Free Hotspot

Before it all, I tried using the free public hotspot. But that is simply not anywhere near as easy to use, configure and program for the most part. The only thing that would always cause issues is hitting any of the spots the router tries to cover. This router, on the other hand, is so easy to use. That I had a conversation with a family of four. Who was coming back from Christmas vacation and having no reception whatsoever in their home. I instantly offered my free usage as a place to go for those of them who couldn’t find their way home.

Xfinity Router

The downside is that there are some things that you have to do before you start your experience with it. You first have to first confirm that the router is really your router. At first, I thought it might be but it wasn’t. You have to hit the “INFINITE” button on the top of the router and then press it a second time to confirm it, just to make sure. And if you don’t like it, that’s fine but there is a chance that the device can choose to automatically switch over to it at the next local wireless access point if they haven’t been turned on yet.

Xfinity Router App

For beginners, there is a helpful app that you can download if you want to have an easier experience. At the beginning of my setup, I was set up to display and provide access for it to show on my Google map. But it would take several times for it to work so it would need to load up a webpage and then point it to the correct location. Once it is done, that is simply all you have to do to continue on your journey. Hop onto the next site to connect, all the while staying on the “INVISIBLE” Wifi. It is quite user-friendly and makes it very easy to find your way around.

Wifi Security

The other thing that you need to do is watch out for security. When you go to the site of your chosen one, you are prompted to select a “password” to log in to the device. All of the problems I experienced just before and during my setup was that the password I’d selected wasn’t even the password that was listed on the site. So, if you click on the link that leads you to create the password, be sure that that password isn’t out of date and change that password by visiting your computer’s settings and going to the Security tab.

So, if you do have a scenario where you don’t have good Wi-Fi service at home or if you are a tourist using it as a second or third Wi-Fi hotspot, don’t ignore my recommendations for what you might want to do. But also, if you do have coverage problems, that seems to be the one area where the WiFi deployment of the router has been a major problem for me in my hometown.