Xfinity To Go

Xfinity to Go

Consumers seeking easy, affordable entertainment on the go can now build a custom entertainment package. Enjoy the award-winning Xfinity Streampix subscription service at one flat price for only $10 per month. Xfinity Streampix gives consumers access to more than 11,000 movies and TV shows. This also provides continuous access to many of the year’s top events, including major live sports and award shows. Such as the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards, plus blockbuster releases from all major Hollywood studios. Xfinity’s Streampix service will be available on Xfinity TiVo boxes.

Xfinity to Go: Introducing Streampix

“Since Streampix was introduced almost two years ago, we’ve been listening to consumers and their needs and wants,” said Greg Pass, director of Product Management at Comcast Cable. “Xfinity Streampix is changing the way people watch TV, movies, and sports. And now available for a flat $10 monthly charge across all of our digital platforms. Streampix also offers a simple and personalized experience. It gives consumers the ability to quickly access the content they want in the media box of their choice. Puts the entertainment they love within easy reach.”

Xfinity TiVo

Thrive Through Winter: Make the Most of Streampix Available On Xfinity TiVo and X1 Editions.
Xfinity customers have the opportunity to build a custom entertainment package without the cost of an initial set-top box subscription. Simply create a Streampix account with Xfinity Digital Cable or X1.

Xfinity To Go Advantages

  • Star Trek- The Next Generation- Set your screen to HD resolution and enjoy the gripping action of one of the greatest sci-fi series ever. Complete with spectacular special effects and live-action music in gorgeous widescreen.
  • Hulu + The Walking Dead- Follow the unrelenting struggle between the living and the dead in the first seven seasons of “The Walking Dead” on Hulu. And the complete season 4 on Xfinity Streampix.
  • Westworld- Explore the darkest chapters of HBO’s “Westworld” on Xfinity Streampix as well as the latest episodes available on HBO Go and HBO Now.
  • Fear The Walking Dead- Create an immersive experience to follow the horrific aftermath of the devastating events in the first five seasons of AMC’s “Fear The Walking Dead” with a Dual Player installation and download of the entire series on Xfinity Streampix.
  • 24- Hour Rundown: Discover additional TV shows that are available to watch throughout the day. Xfinity’s 24-hour Rundown application for X1 and Xfinity Digital offers an easy and interactive way to quickly find the TV shows you want.
    Access the Biggest and Best Events: Save 25% Off Best in Sports Events and 2019 Academy Awards At Streampix
    Get access to more than 11,000 live events, including major live sports events, award shows, award reels and major studio series on Streampix.
  • Never miss an Academy Awards(TM)(r) telecast: Experience moments from the 2018 Oscars. In Memoriam tribute and stellar performances with “Showtime: 24 hours of the Oscars(TM)” on Xfinity Streampix. Giving you all the rest of the winners and presenters plus a complete 24-hour Oscars(TM) compilation for only $10 per month.


  • Start off your season with the MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, NBA, CFL, UFC, EPL, MLS, and PGA. Offices: Xfinity Streampix offers subscribers access to all 32 clubs, which means never missed the World Series(TM) or Stanley Cup Playoffs(TM).
  • Craft and share your own customized, original video entertainment. With Streampix, create one-of-a-kind videos and start a library of their favorites on Xfinity Digital. Then, share the videos with the Streampix community through Streampix’s social media channels.