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xfinity modem

Comcast Xfinity Internet lets you surf the web and view lots of multimedia, like web pages, photos, and videos, in any room in your home and across up to two devices at a time. You can also watch live TV and watch movies, TV shows, and sports on demand, or record up to six shows on-demand and have them ready for viewing at a moment’s notice. The Xfinity modem features a USB port so you can access your online photos and music library at any time from your mobile devices.

The new xFi Features

  • More secure wireless home network
  • Get an Xfinity Hotspot network secondary
  • Parental Controls (xFi) and WiFi management tools
  •  xFi Advanced Gateway and xFi Pods will extend whole-home coverage
  • Gigabit speeds Up to 1 Gbps (Advanced xFi Gateway)
  • Ethernet connection 2/4 ports
  • Phone lines connection for one to two
  • Regular automatic updates to improve speed, coverage, control, and security

Why Not Let Xfinity Network Do The Work

Comcast is the highest-ranked ISP, and the fourth-best in Ohio according to PCMag, in Consumer Reports’ 2018 Choice Awards. Their experts also noticed the free Xfinity WiFi enabled app allowing you to easily find, access, and share your Xfinity WiFi network. Consumers are familiar with the challenge of using WiFi in a large household. Once they knew that the modem didn’t directly “provide” the internet connection to your home, we discovered it had a different purpose. Because the modem is now only doing what the router does, it’s better able to distribute the internet-providing job to the entire house. This means that you can fill up your house and that your wireless connection won’t suffer due to the loss of bandwidth.

With Xfinity WiFi and the Xfinity modem, there’s no hassle when it comes to creating a wired or WiFi-connected home network. We have a WiFi-only home, and it’s worked really well. They give you a lot of different options for where to place your router. You can have it placed on the kitchen counter, inside a kitchen cabinet, under the dining room table, or in a cabinet located in the basement. Additionally, you can pay a small monthly fee to have the modem placed on the pole outside your home, which is great for those with neighbors who also have internet service. After having a new modem placed outside our house, we are constantly seeing a wireless signal outside the house that would have otherwise come in from the router. This is pretty exciting, and it helps us accomplish multiple tasks without worrying about interference from external sources.

Xfinity Hotspot

There are also a lot of hotspots that Xfinity now provides in our neighborhood. A neighbor has Xfinity internet and Xfinity WiFi installed outside their house, and their house not far away has Xfinity WiFi installed. We now have a consistent Wi-Fi signal and can stream video from our phone without having to come up out of our rooms and stream it on our TVs. Our local libraries have also installed Xfinity WiFi in the waiting rooms in their buildings. And, several other large businesses have assigned people to install WiFi in their lobbies and otherwise. Their employees can access their work files and social media through their mobile devices without having to go down to the local office.

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