Xfinity Internet

Xfinity Internet

It’s that time of year again and that means it’s time to recap the best and worst Comcast has to offer for your home internet, where we’ll take a look at Xfinity internet.
Comcast Internet usually costs about 15 percent more than what traditional cable costs and the money you are spending on Xfinity internet is no doubt a good thing.

Xfinity Internet Entertainments

The Internet has become such a standard when it comes to delivering entertainment and being able to stream movies and other content on-demand allows us to be much more efficient with our days and at the same time contribute to the economy.

The one caveat to say is that you need a modem and router that is of a certain quality. There are broadband routers on the market that can connect to any number of modems on your home phone line and whether this makes sense or not you will have to pay the extra 15 bucks.

I was recently conducting research on a TV data package and coming to the conclusion that many of us are duplicating channels that we don’t need and it seems we spend quite a bit on those extra movies and TV shows. It seems that when it comes to TV access we are actually using our home IP-Nodes for storage more than we use them for movies and other entertainment.

Xfinity Internet Controls for Parenting

Of course, the Internet won’t be your only entertainment option for the family to partake in.
Comcast has a Channels feature where you are able to choose what you watch and what you don’t. It’s a great tool to help parents discover what their kids are watching or to ensure that they get uninterrupted programming.

Time Warp

You can also use the “Time Warp” feature to change your Internet connection time. Time Warp allows you to change your Internet connection time based on the times of day you wish to be online. For example, if you don’t want to be online when the sun is out then you can change the period of time by ten minutes.

I love the idea of Time Warp. I was eager to test this feature and saw that it worked for me. When I tried it on some other devices, the box gave me the impression that the days of being online all day had just gone. This surprised me as well.

Xfinity TV

There is a lot of content available on Xfinity TV for younger generations and this is nice to be able to access. We do need to look at the content however and make sure it’s appropriate for our family.

Time Warp is also great for the rest of the house. I installed it in my dorm room at Cornell and was pleased to have it here and to have it set up on my television. Time Warp was able to transfer between devices very easily.

As a convenience to having Time Warp on both television and computer, you can also access it from your Xfinity X1, or on iOS or Android devices. You can use Time Warp on your smartphone or tablet while you are waiting for your cable provider to change your Internet network time, and, can access your over-the-air channel guide while you’re waiting for your TV to switch channels.

Other Xfinity features worth noting include the ability to connect your Xbox One or your Samsung smart TV to your cable subscription to have them respond when you request TV content, allowing you to watch movies and/or browse Netflix on your console.