Setup Comcast Xfinity Email Windows 10

Setup Xfinity Email on Windows 10
The advantage of Comcast Xfinity is they give you mail service. So you can get your own email address. If you already have the Comcast email you can use it on your Windows 10. Read the complete step below to sync your Xfinity email in windows 10.

Xfinity Stream Packages 2018

Xfinity Stream Packages

Where To Get The Packages That Are Right For You

While you still have two weeks to order your holiday shopping, the best time to decide which Xfinity packages are right for you is now. Starting last week, Xfinity started sending out prepay-by-direct deposit packages to selected customers who signed up online. The prepay-by-direct deposit packages include the following addition-on packages:

New Xfinity Stream Pack: This $9.99 option provides customers with more content options and a simplified viewing experience than ever before with stream across PCs, tablets, phones and TVs. It gives Xfinity Stream subscribers unlimited on-demand access to hundreds of thousands of TV episodes and movies.